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Artiste de la semaine - 5 au 11 août 2018  

 Femme (30 ans)
Allemagne Allemagne
Dernière connexion il y a 2 mois
Inscrit depuis le 19 juil. 2009

  Thank you very much for visiting my gallery!

How my passion started:
I always loved drawing. But when I watched TITANIC I was fascinated by the portrait drawings of "Jack Dawson".
So I tried my first "portrait". It was actually a flower...
Then I carried on practising, and the first human portrait was "Gregory Peck" from the movie Big Country (this is also in my "gallery";).

Now I just like to draw people that inspire me and mostly I draw my favourite actors/actresses.

I never had drawing lessons or something and this is just my hobby. Although there were some artists in my family (my great-grandfather was a professional artist) but he died to early before I discovered my passion for drawing. Unfortunately I wasn`t able to ask him for some assistance...

I hope you like my drawings. Thank you all for your support!
You can also visit my youtube-channel, twitter or instagram.
Kind regards from Germany :-)


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