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  I am a professional artist interested in meeting other creative artists and models who can network together to offer each other ways to advance in their goals and careers. And if nothing else, at least have some fun getting to know one another.

Born and raised in San Jose, California, I learned at an early age that drawing was a great way to 'escape' the world around you. Later in my late teens I discovered it could bring in extra cash, too! Cool!

My style in drawing has changed through the years, as a result of always trying to improve from the last attempt. Much like life in general, if you don't learn from your mistakes you can't move on and do better.

Currently I have several drawings on display in art galleries throughout the USA. One drawing in New York City, four drawings at an art gallery just north of San Francisco, and a few closer to home in Bakersfield, California.

My drawings have sold through the last several decades and can be found throughout much of The United States, England, The Netherlands, Australia, Russia, and others. Much as a result of my website but more so though word-of-mouth.

If interested look me up on Facebook or DeviantArt.

I also have a book published on how I draw. So check it out if you like at my website.

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