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Lil Wayne

par Babybell

Lil Wayne par Babybell


Ajouté le 27 janvier 2010 à 17:57

  This is a drawing of Lil wayne from young Money  

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brainfree - il y a 10 ans

Welcome to the site, A good first drawing I would know it was Lily wayne because I've painted him likeness is a difficult thing. The drawing has good expression and eyes there is no need for the name on the drawing. The hair is excellent but a little to much detail to the rest. Try to think of the depth a little, by sudying the shadow on say a photo before drawing. Saying all that I like your work. Brian :clap: :clap: :grin: :8)

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Babybell - il y a 10 ans

Well Brainfree thank you for all of your nice words. i usually use mechanical pencil to draw my art because i dont own any of those art pencils. i use paper towel to shade. im just 15 so i am trying my best so far.

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brainfree - il y a 10 ans

Well your best is very good, I think a present of a 2 dollar pencil would not break the bank. Only keeping on because the right tools make us better not automatically. In general the putty rubber is about 1 dollar here in the UK as for your age I know it is difficult but I think your worth it. Remember the drawing is the fun and be positive about yourself. Talent is earned not given practice is our friend and learning is something we all can do no matter how old or young we are I will make a prediction if you practice as much as I do to make an old man good at art then you will not be as good as me but better and not in 50 years but one year. It can be wonderful to gain the talent because then you can be an artist and not only enjoy the drawing or painting but do it for a living from it. Remember the art is to please the viewer and make people say how did she do that have a look at my work and see what I mean. I can sell work for hundreds of dollars but I love the work and making myself learn to be better quicker and have fun doing it. Brian :grin: :grin: :8) :8)


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