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Robert Sean Leonard par smileysmell


Ajouté le 22 décembre 2007 à 12:26
Crayons de couleur

  this pic was initially bigger but my hamster had actually ate part of the coat...

im tired of fixing the coat in the photoshop...i only make it look worst :( so, i ended up lazily cropping this pic and only leaving the good one...hope looks ok now

medium: pencil color

i also wanna wish all of you, merry christmas and happy holiday  

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8 commentaires
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myra - il y a 12 ans

this drawing is really great, the missing part of the coat won't harm! :grin: I think your hamster is really appreciating your artwork!! :D In fact, i loved all your gallery! :thumbup: :thumbup:

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smileysmell - il y a 12 ans

woo!! thx :hug: im glad you like it...though, i doubt that my hamster like it...she just wanted to taste 'him' :D

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PB - il y a 12 ans

wow, very beautiful :thumbup:

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smileysmell - il y a 12 ans

thx :hug:

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Klemmapuce - il y a 12 ans

Great...I love this actor, he has such a beautiful gaze....and you really well drew it!!! Your use of colour pencils is excellent....Bravo!! :whip:

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smileysmell - il y a 12 ans

thx :hug: i like him too...fell in love with his acting when i was watching the 'dead poet society' long time ago...his role as Wilson in [H]ouse nearly 'stops' my heart... :xp:

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Klemmapuce - il y a 12 ans

Yes!!! I discovered him in the "dead poet society " too!!! Makes me cry every time I view it... :cry: width= :cry: width=.... :DHe' s such a good actor!! An it's funny to see him in Doctor House, quite older.... :D :hi:

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Sunshine_Bri - il y a 9 ans

wow, this is amazing! very beautiful.


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