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Floyd Mayweather Jr par GP1805


Ajouté le 12 septembre 2017 à 02:26

  Floyd Mayweather in charcoal.  

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9 commentaires
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Stefanosart - il y a 3 ans

:clap: :clap: :thumbup: :thumbup: :clap: :clap: :thumbup: :thumbup:

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GP1805 - il y a 3 ans

Thank you Stephen!!! I haven't done any art for 30 years, and never used charcoal before. This is something I need to do... The boxers were done for New Saints boxing club in St. Neots, Cambridgeshire :)

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mevelie - il y a 2 ans

wow ! I do love your work on this torso, great impact ! and I think charcoal is quite difficult to use, you've done a great job :oO: :thumbup: :*D: :*D: :magic: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

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GP1805 - il y a 2 ans

Thanks!! Yes the boxers have impact, as they are all on A2 sized paper...I gave myself the challenge of doing 8 boxers, to get back into art after 25 years of not doing anything....!! :grin: :grin: :thumbup: :thumbup:

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mevelie - il y a 2 ans

wow ! such a bug size ! I usually draw on A4 or A5, I feel lost with A3, so A2 is more than I could imagine :grin: it must be very difficult to get the right proportions with such a size ! :oO:

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GP1805 - il y a 2 ans

You are totally correct. I did the boxers with an A4 sized photo as reference. Every 15 mins or so, I would walk away to the other side of my garage, hold up the A4 photo, and look at the A2 drawing, then check the positons/proportions were correct. This medium charcoal, is very liberating on A2 or bigger paper, as the figures are life size, very imposing & emotional...!! Great!!! Love it!! :grin: :grin: :thumbup: :thumbup:

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mevelie - il y a 2 ans

yes, charcoal is very hard to use for tiny details (that's what I like most in drawing, tiny details ^^) so it must be more efficient on big size but the proportions are another problem on the big size, amazing work ! it was worth the time you spent on it :magic: :whip:

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GP1805 - il y a 2 ans

Hi, I use willow charcoal, compressed charcoal sticks and for fine detail I use solid charcoal pencil, sanded to a point with sandpaper!! thanks for your kind comments again, much appreciated!!! :grin: :thumbup: :thumbup: :hi:

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mevelie - il y a 2 ans

you're welcome ! and thanks for the tip about sharpening charcoal pencils :thumbup: :cute:


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