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Portrait de Ilya Kovalchuk par armattock sur Stars Portraits

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Ilya Kovalchuk par armattock


Ajouté le 21 décembre 2019 à 00:09
Techniques mixtes

Participation au jeu : La Russie


  Ilya Kovalchuk looks at the camera as a Thrasher  

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3 commentaires
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armattock - il y a 4 semaines

Circa 2009

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nev777 - il y a 4 semaines

Hi Arma ,this is put together ever so nicely, one of your best the extra little detail and balance in the face and the color works beautifully.. ... :toc: hey thanks for your comments during the year :clap: :toc: :ok: and Hoping you are having a great Christmas ..catch up again in the new year.....Nev :ok:

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bigd4787 - il y a 3 semaines

Great work here 'A' ... wish this guy had been able to help my Kings more (they need somebody, for sure!) .. maybe best days are behind him? (happens to the best of us, eh?) :clap: :clap: :clap:


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