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Romy Schneider

par helo

Romy Schneider par helo


Ajouté le 22 mai 2008 à 19:43
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brainfree - il y a 14 ans

Excellent, What a wonderful idea you've have had. The drawing is a little out mainly with the shading on reflected face, but the hand and face proportions are very good. She is looking at the viewer not herself a bit difficult to do unless shown as a glance. I’m totally impressed and will have to sometime in the future try out your pose. Credit to you when your ability of drawing catches up with your observation you will be a great artist. You would probably have been better off painted, the reflected face would have been better left mono white. The best this week for me! :) :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:Excellent :thumbup:

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helo - il y a 14 ans

I am surprised for your mail and totally happy because your message is very awesome!! thank's a lot! (excuse my English because I am french!)

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Profil supprimé
Profil supprimé - il y a 14 ans

Excelente la composición, buen efecto de mirarse en el espejo. :ok: :thumbup: :thumbup:


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