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Portrait de Anjelica Huston par Christine sur Stars Portraits

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Anjelica Huston par Christine


Ajouté le 19 juin 2008 à 17:53
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6 commentaires
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HelenaFan - il y a 13 ans

:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

0 3488
Keithalan - il y a 13 ans

Love her amazing lady!!

1 4777
Christine - il y a 13 ans

Thanks so much I do love her too glad someone liked her portrait!!!!!!

0 8680
Etheline - il y a 12 ans

She is so goreous! Very beautiful lady and very beautiful your drawing! :whip: :whip: :whip: :whip: :whip: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :hi:

1 4777
Christine - il y a 12 ans

Oh so glad you like her I always admired her even though her characters are not always kind and I sincerely loved her in Ever After as the wicked step mother. What a perfect roll for Angelica!!!

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Etheline - il y a 12 ans

She is very good in the roles of quite evil or dark, mysterious ladies. But even Agnes Browne or Calamity Jane are very sweet. I guess there are better actresses than Anjelica is, but i simply adore her charisma,person...simply my Anjel :roll: :hi: :hi:


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