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Portrait de Dougie Poynter par abbyVW sur Stars Portraits

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Dougie Poynter par abbyVW


Ajouté le 28 juillet 2008 à 20:28

  It was my first main portrait drawing so it looks a little dodgy, but i'm working on getting face shapes correct :)  

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brainfree - il y a 13 ans

Excellent , dodgy, I wish My first drawing was this good, First can I say I’m not commenting to patronise you. I give honest critiques of drawings, if you wish, ignore me?. The Likeness is very good, I’ve painted Dougie and I know. To show your hard work to people, Mobile phone photo’s have to be very good take a little more time light from behind Phone. I use a clear plastic sheet the size of the drawing and mark felt pen on it to see perspective, your face shape is good. You have done a very good drawing in that you show contrast of dark to light across the drawing. With a strong background on either side it would change the look. Very good, you have talent keep drawing. I’m glad the UK are showing the French that we can draw and paint too. :) :thumbup: :8)


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