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Portrait de Ville Valo par ItComesAlive sur Stars Portraits

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Ville Valo par ItComesAlive


Ajouté le 26 octobre 2008 à 14:15

  Ville Valo, singer of HIM. Gorgeous guy. Excellent singer. Dark Wash 8B pencils used, and a little bit of charcoal as well.  

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8 commentaires
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brainfree - il y a 13 ans

Very good depth in your work, good hair, excellent eyes, shadow work very good, although the head looks a little suspended in nothing, a little line or inference of shadow. You can alter your profile from male to female. Anyway we don’t care if your a frog, just keep producing work of this standard. :grin: :8) :thumbup:

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ItComesAlive - il y a 13 ans

Thank you very much, Brainfree. I'm very glad to hear your opinions about my drawings, and yes, I can agree that the head could need a neck maybe! Thanks again anyway, it's very nice to be commented by such an brilliant artist as yourself!! :grin: :) :) :hi: :hi:

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brainfree - il y a 13 ans

:grin: :thumbup: :8)

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MinaNeedle - il y a 13 ans

:*D: :clap: *xD *xD *xD :whip: :thumbup: :blowkiss:

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ItComesAlive - il y a 13 ans

thanx!! :) :D :D

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heartagram666 - il y a 13 ans

wahou :clap: :clap: :love: :love:

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ItComesAlive - il y a 13 ans

thank you! :D :) :hi:

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humnabuzz - il y a 11 ans

i just adore ville...very beautifully done... :blowkiss:


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