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  • La PerspectiveLa Perspectivepar SuperartPosté le 23 juillet 2006Il ne s'agit pas absolument pas ici d'un cours magistral, mais d'une rapide révision des bases, des trucs et astuces, qui nous permettent de prendre plus de liberté avec la terrible perspective.
  • Portrait Sketching in CharcoalPortrait Sketching in Charcoalpar G.BannsPosté le 23 juillet 2006Sketching the human face with charcoal (using brush techniques).
  • Working on Colored PapersWorking on Colored Paperspar Constance Moore SimonPosté le 22 juillet 2006To create a colored pencil drawing on medium-value colored papers.
  • Watercolor : The simplicity of the Direct MethodWatercolor : The simplicity of the Direct Methodpar Janice EdelmanPosté le 20 juillet 2006The art of watercolor involves a great many techniques. One I follow is called the "direct method" and is achieved by attempting to paint accurate color values and shapes in the first stages of the painting process. Of course, adjustments will be made in some areas before the work is completed. Even so, the "direct method" saves a great deal of time and allows the colors to glow with freshness.
  • Colorisation Photoshop du visageColorisation Photoshop du visagepar CamillePosté le 1 juin 2006Un tuto très complet en français pour colorier le visage avec Photoshop. Tablette graphique non obligatoire mais préférable. Niveau intermédiaire / expert.
  • Compositional ModelsCompositional Modelspar Studio ChalkboardPosté le 1 juin 2006Some standard compositional layouts are shown in this tutorial. A good basic composition will often either be asymetrical or will lead the viewer's eye around the work.
  • Introduction to Linear PerspectiveIntroduction to Linear Perspectivepar Studio ChalkboardPosté le 1 juin 2006Here is a basic layout that illustrates how lines recede in one point perspective.
  • The Painting ProcessThe Painting Processpar Studio ChalkboardPosté le 1 juin 2006The process of creating a painting varies from medium to medium and from individual to individual. It is best to have a canvas or panel with a prepared ground, painting tools, a medium (either oil or gel for acrylic), and some solvent (either mineral spirits or water for acrylic). Here is a general outline of a painting process that you may use to get started.

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