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Jack Black Caricature

par drawmyface

Jack Black Caricature

Auteur : drawmyface

Tutoriel posté le 17 novembre 2006

This is a step-by-step art tutorial for a Jack Black portrait. It explains how to draw a caricature, from rough sketch to finished painting.

Painting Jack Black Step 1

Step 1

For this one I started off with a black undercoat, which I have never done before, and sketched in the outline with thin white paint.

Painting Jack Black Step 2

Step 2

The black background helps to show the contrast with the face, so, in applying the first layer of colour, I can easily see that the skin tone is too pale, and will need to be deepened.

Painting Jack Black Step 3

Step 3

Another layer on the face, but it's still too pink.

The shirt wasn't going well, so I decided to paint over it and start again.

Painting Jack Black Step 4

Step 4

Ok, the shirt is looking better, and I'm starting to add dark shadows and highlights to the face.

Painting Jack Black Step 5

Step 5

I deepened the flesh tone, so it looks a lot less pink, and the shadows and highlights help to give a full rounded feel. Just need to work a bit on the hair and add some finishing touches.

Painting Jack Black Step 6

Step 6

Highlights applied to the hair, fine details applied around the eyes and on the hands, and it's pretty much done.

Painting Jack Black Step 7

Step 7

Not much to add here, I just added some more red highlights to the hair, and touched up the red on the shirt, adding a bit more vibrancy to the painting.

see the full-size finished painting

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